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5 Tips For Glowing Skin This Festive Season

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We don’t know about you, but dry skin, wrinkles and breakouts aren’t high on our Christmas gift wish list! The festive season can put our skin under extra stress leaving it dull, bloated and prone to breakouts but with a little extra skin care commitment it doesn’t have to be that way. Check out our tips for keeping on top of your skin game during the holiday season.

Hydrate, hydrate hydrate

Lack of hydration is a major skin stressor, especially during the festive season when we indulge in alcohol which dehydrates us even more. Prosecco, we’re looking at you.

Drink water. It’s age-old advice for a good reason; drinking plenty of water will improve the look of your skin and help keep toxins moving through and flushing out of your system.

Be mindful to balance out those strawberry bellinis by sipping a big glass of water in between.

If plain ol’ water doesn’t float your boat, try incorporating slices of citrus and mint into a jug of water to liven things up. You can also sip herbal teas throughout the day, before partying the night away. Our Eye Brightening Beauty Tea + Bath Herbs contains Rose Buds that are high in skin-saving Vitamin C for an extra boost.

 Guzzling H2O isn’t the only answer. When it comes to hydration, an alcohol-free toner is your skin’s BFF. Spray a hydrating toner on damp skin before immediately applying your serum or moisturiser. The humectant and water properties of the toner will saturate skin cells with hydration and you’ll notice your skin looking dewier immediately.

Avoid the salt bloat

Salt is an important nutrient but going crazy on the fries and other salty snacks at the office Christmas party is not doing your skin any favours. Too much salt can cause water retention which leads to a bloated complexion and a major tell-tale sign that your salt intake is too high is under-eye puffiness.

The skin under your eyes is especially susceptible to swelling as it’s super thin so and eating high-sodium foods, especially at night, results in a puffy look.

 You can combat puffy eyes with camomile tea bag compress to reduce swelling and inflammation. Pop 2 teabags into hot water, once they’ve cooled, squeeze the excess liquid out and spend ten minutes relaxing with them on your eyes.

Aside from avoiding salty treats altogether, you can help your body balance it’s sodium levels by drinking plenty of water and eating potassium-rich foods.

Potassium helps your body reduce water retention and foods packed with potassium include carrots, spinach and bananas.

Chill out

If the festive season is feeling more frantic than fun, make a mindful decision to slow down and get perspective on what actually matters and what you can let go of.

Stress wreaks havoc on skin and what should be one of the most enjoyable times of the year can become rife with anxiety. The pressure of keeping up with social commitments, increasing credit card bills and often unrealistic expectations of family togetherness can leave us feeling more stressed than jolly. This releases hormones into the bloodstream, creating different reactions in your skin which commonly show up in the form of dryness, breakouts, irritation and redness.  The stress hormone cortisol has been linked to the breaking down of collagen and elastin in the skin.

Try scaling back your list of commitments to only spending time with your inner circle, snap up gifts online to avoid the crowds and make time for yourself every day. Even spending just a few minutes a day focusing on deep breathing exercises can help take the edge off stress. Remember; many of the things that seem important right now really won’t matter in the long run.

Keep our Meditation Mist handy; it’s specially blended with essential oils to help you relax, re-center and connect. It makes a beautiful stocking stuffer too!

Embrace the greens

If you’ve gone a little crazy with the cocktails and salty, sugary treats, all is not lost. Balance out festive overindulgence by eating well between excess and loading your plate up with greens.

The best are bitter greens like rocket, chicory dandelion, radicchio, rocket leaves, spinach, and mustard leaves. These act as a gentle diuretic for blood purification, cleanse your system, eliminate breakouts, improve digestion and reduce gas buildup by cutting the heaviness of fatty foods. With beta-carotene, they also promote great skin and are packed with minerals like calcium, magnesium and potassium and vitamins A, C and K.

A bowl or two of bitter green salad with a mustard vinaigrette is a delicious way to get your fill of the good stuff.

Always, always, always remove your makeup

Late nights are par for the course at this time of year but hit the pillow without properly cleansing your face and you’ll pay for it the next morning.

At night, your skin gets to work renewing itself and when you leave makeup on, this renewal process doesn’t happen as it should. You’re cheating yourself out of beauty sleep! If you wear oil-based makeup, the issue is compounded. Makeup will clog the pores overnight and you’ll wake up to a fresh round of breakouts and irritated skin.

Invest in an effective cleanser and no matter how sleepy-eyed you are, spend at least 5 minutes before bed cleansing your skin and priming it for overnight renewal action!

But most importantly have a fantastic Christmas and New Year's and we cant wait to share with you all the exciting new things we have happening at Cedar + Stone next year xx


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