We understand that everyone is different, what an ordinary world  we would live in, if we were all the same.

Let’s identify your skin type with this step by step skin analysis, which one are you?

The Types


It’s ok to be sensitive, the best people are.

Characteristics: Redness, Itchy, Dry Patches, Prone To Flushing

What to do: Use gentle products that will hydrate the skin without leaving it feeling flushed. Winter will be your downfall, however with the correct regime you can beat the harshest of seasons.


It’s hard to define normal, but we’ll try.

Characteristics: Small Pores, Hydrated, Balanced, Generally Good Skin

What to do: You’re one of the lucky ones. You can play around with all products and see great results, try to keep hydration up in winter and use an exfoliant scrub once or twice a week.  


For the good, and the bad.

Characteristics: Larger Pores, T-Zone breakouts, Dry Patchy/Flaky Skin,

What to do: Sometimes good, sometimes not so great. This skin type can be tricky because it’s usually unexpected. With a good regime in place you can balance the skins oil production while keeping dry skin at bay. A toner will be your best keep secret, keep this handy at all times.


Lets get it clear, oil fights oil.

Characteristics: Larger Pores, Shiny Skin, Breakouts.

What to do: For those that shine bright. Good oil fights the excess oil your sebaceous glands produce. Make sure you have a good face oil on hand and a hydrating cleanser that won’t strip the skin.

Still not sure which products you should start with? Whether it's one product you're after or a complete regime, let us know your concerns and we can customise a plan for you.