TØTUM - Settle Petal

$17.95 AUD


The use of flowers for healing dates back to the ancient Egyptians over 3000 years ago, and has occurred in every known traditional culture across the earth. Flower essence remedies are utilised by Naturopaths to support the connection between the physical and emotional body to restore holistic equilibrium.

Our healing blend with Australian Bush Flower Essences draws on the energetic and medicinal properties of our ancient indigenous plant remedies.



Each flower within our Settle Petal Essence has been intentionally selected to encourage positive emotional release, self-healing, and self-love. It is our hope that this essence offers you protection during times of stress, and grounds you when you are feeling overwhelmed.


Macrocarpa Brings inner strength & energy during times of fatigue

Jacaranda Brings clarity & decisiveness

Paw paw Brings perspective & intuition

Fringed Violet Brings protection of self/spirit

Dog Rose of the Wild Forces Brings safety & balance during times of stress



Please place 7 drops under the tongue upon rising and retiring, or throughout the day as required.

Please refer to safety information for cautions and contraindications prior to purchase. Contains a small percentage of Australian Certified Organic Brandy as preservative.


Emotional release and Affirmations

A beautiful way to enhance the action of your flower essence therapy is by incorporating affirmations. Affirmations are positive statements that are used to help overcome subconscious blockages, and encourage visualization/manifestation, goal setting, and self-love. Make it a ritual! At the beginning of the week write down an affirmation that sings true to you, and when you take your flower essence during that week repeat the affirmation each time.

You may notice yourself experiencing varying emotions when you start taking your essence. These emotions are being expressed so that you are able to release blockages that are preventing you from reaching your calm. Acknowledging what comes up for you is part of the healing process of flower essence therapy, therefore developing weekly or daily affirmations in conjunction with your essence therapy will further assist this therapeutic process.


Suggested affirmations for our Settle petal essence:

My body and mind are healthy, my soul and heart are at peace.

I am powerful, I am present, and I am my true self.



At TØTUM we are mindful of our impact on the environment, and endeavour to where we can, minimise it. We place importance on packaging that can be either re-used or recycled, and encourage our customers to find a new purpose for their packaging once they have enjoyed it’s contents.


Our flower essence bottles can be recycled. Ensure to check with your local recycling program for whether or not the dropper lids can be included when recycling.

Before re-purposing your bottle, clean and remove the label by soaking the bottle overnight in hot soapy water. The next day allow the bottles to steep for an extra few hours in a water and tea tree oil mixture. Pull off the label and scrub off any residue. Allow to air dry.

Our flower essence dropper bottles can be re-purposed to hold personal care products. Fill the bottle with your favourite moisturising face oil mixture or homemade hand sanitiser.

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