Vinyl Record Dominos

$25 AUD

Enjoy this classic game while you enjoy some classic tunes! This dominoes set isn't like any other. 

Each piece is shaped like 2 vinyls side by side, with different coloured labels. Match the label to continue the game. Remember each colour corresponds to a different number of points which is clearly laid out in your instructions. 

It's all packaged in a groovy metal tin - also shaped like a vinyl record! It's flat on the back and also flat on one edge so you can display it proudly.

Great gift for music lovers! 


  • Each piece looks like a pair of records
  • Match the colours to win!
  • The colours are worth different points!


  • Inclusions: 28 dominoes, tin, instructions
  • Ages: 10 and older
  • Players: 2-4