4 Reasons To Use Face Oil - Even With An Oily Complexion

Natural face oils are such hardworking beauty products - we love them!

They’re lipophilic, which means they have a much smaller molecular structure that penetrates deeper into your skin’s dermis than many other products. At this level, they’re really effective at delivering nourishment and protection. Face oils are perfect if you suffer persistent dry, flaky skin - even your committed moisturising efforts just don’t seem to be working. They’re also ideal to balance oily skin (weird, but true!) and prevent breakouts. If face oil isn’t part of your skin care routine, let’s us tell you why it should be.

Face oils minimise the damage of free radicals

Free radical damage is one of the main things that causes skin to age prematurely.  Free radicals are unstable and reactive molecules that come from environmental stressors like pollution, attach themselves to skin and damage parts of the living cells. They cause a process called oxidation and when this occurs, it leads to tissue damage resulting in wrinkles, dehydration and loss of elasticity. 

Face oils act as a barrier between the free radicals in the environment and your skin cells. When applied, face oils not only seal the good stuff in, they also remain outside of the cell keeping it lubricated and protected.

Face oils seriously boost the hydrating results of your moisturiser

Face oils and moisturiser are like an epic hydrating duo when it comes to delivering a serious hit of moisture to your complexion. How so? Well, when you apply your oil after the moisturiser (just like we showed you here -link to blog about how to layer skin care correctly) it seals in the all the hydrating ingredients of the moisturiser, preventing water from evaporating off the skin. All while adding extra nourishment.

Most skin types will benefit from face oil - yep, even the oily ones! - but it's especially beneficial for dry, flaky skin because of how it works to boost the hydrating effect of your moisturiser. Pack it when you travel to deal with seasonal or climate-related dryness too.

The best natural oils for dry skin: Avocado oil, Rosehip oil, Sweet Almond oil, Argan Oil, Flaxseed Oil and Baobab Oil.

They improve the look of wrinkles

Using face oil is an excellent natural anti-ageing treatment, hydrating skin and plumping out fine lines.

Rosehip oil, in particular, does a stellar job of and stimulating fibroblasts which are responsible for creating collagen. With healthy amounts of collagen, the firmness of the skin increases and reduces the look of wrinkles.

Face oils help prevent oily skin breaking out

Sounds a little crazy, putting more oil on top of an oily complexion - won’t that just make things worse? Nope, and here's why….if you have an oily complexion and use harsh products that strip the skin of oil, it sends the sebaceous glands into overdrive.

They produce more oil to make up for what has been lost; triggering an even shiner complexion and another round of breakouts.

Using face oil means you don’t lose the essential oil your skin needs to stay hydrated. Your sebaceous gland won’t go crazy making more and oil regulation becomes balanced. Many natural oils are also antibacterial and anti-inflammatory which will help target breakouts before they even appear. 

Keep in mind, not all oils are beneficial for an oily complexion, the best to fight breakouts is jojoba. It’s light, the nearest in molecular structure to our natural sebum and as a bonus, tightens the appearance of pores. Calming aloe vera is also well suited to pimple prone skin as it reduces redness and inflammation.

Have we inspired you to add a face oil to your regular routine if you aren’t already using one? Our Lemon Myrtle and Rose Face Oil contains the Omega 3, 6 & 9 rich baobab oil in addition to other nourishing oils including, organic jojoba, grapeseed and cranberry seed. It’s a great prep for makeup and will brighten the complexion too!

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