5 Reasons To Add Toner To Your Skincare Routine

Skipping the toner? You’re missing out on some serious benefits this often overlooked skincare step can deliver. If you thought toner wasn’t essential, read on to find out 5 reasons it should be part of your routine.

Minimise the look of large pores

If you’ve got large pores, toner will become your new BFF in your routine.

While toners don’t actually physically shrink large pores, they can totally make them appear smaller. If you’ve got big pores, we know that’s something to get excited about.

Large pores are most common for oily and combination skin and they look even bigger when a bunch of dirt, makeup and dead skin becomes trapped in the pore.

Not properly removing all these impurities can permanently stretch the pore even wider.

That’s where toner comes in. Toners work to deeply clean pores, an additional step in the cleansing process to help remove anything left behind after washing your face. Even residue from your cleanser.

Clean pores appear smaller, tighter and less obvious.

Restores your skin’s pH balance

The acid mantle is super important for the health of your skin. It’s the barrier responsible for blocking out bacteria while keeping skin moisturised. It’s very thin, made up of the skin’s natural oils, fatty acids, lactic acid, amino acids and the skin’s natural moisture. 

With pH level of between 4.5-5.5, the acid mantle is slightly acidic - as the name kinda gives away.

If your cleanser is too alkaline it throws the acid mantle pH balance out of whack and your skin goes into overdrive making oil to restore the pH balance.

The result? Helllooo shiny, oily breakouts.

This is where toner can step in. Used after cleanser, toner works to restore the pH balance of the delicate acid mantle, bringing it back to a more acidic environment and preventing the cycle of excessive oil production.

Refreshes skin

Toner is the perfect way to refresh your skin during the day,  especially if you’ve got a bad case of afternoon shininess going on.

Carrying on your full cleansing routine in the office bathroom might be a little #awkward so dabbing toner on the oily spots is a great alternative.

Maximises the action of your moisturiser

Adding the toning step to your routine really helps create a clean canvas.

It primes your skin to maximise the effects of the products that follow. Your moisturiser can penetrate more deeply into the skin when applied to beautifully clean skin.

Your skin is a bit like a sponge, it absorbs moisture more easily when it’s already a little damp. After applying toner, don’t wait too long before following up with moisturiser. The damp toner base will help seal in all the hydrating properties of the moisturiser.


Every day your skin goes into battle with environmental stressors like atmosphere like pollution, chemicals and cigarette smoke. Too much exposure to these types of nasties can lead to visible signs of premature ageing.

While our skin has a remarkable ability to filter toxins, it’s a good idea to give it a helping hand where we can.

Using a quality toner infused with antioxidants to help protect the skin adds another layer of defence between skin cells and all the environmental stressors out there.

We recommend

Our Mint and White Willow Bark Toner nourishes and protects naturally. Unlike many of the old school type toners, heavy on the alcohol which seriously strips skin, a natural option is just as effective and even more nourishing.

The toner contains the natural astringent Witch Hazel, to help smooth out pores and fight the inflammation of acne and blemishes, leaving you with clear, fresh skin. Powered by the plant-based goodness of  Orange Blossom Water, Witch Hazel, White Willow Bark Extract and Peppermint Essential Oil.

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