[greyt-fuh l]

  1. Warmly or deeply appreciative of kindness or benefits received
  2. Expression or actuated by gratitude
  3. Pleasing to the mind or senses; agreeable or welcome


Recently my friends and I on a picturesque day were sitting down at the beach. I had this sense of complete happiness in the moment, not planning for the future (which for those of you who know me, know I am ALWAYS planning/thinking/worrying about the future) or dwelling on the past (I am also an A+ over thinker) but being truly happy in that second, JUST THERE.

In a lull of conversation, as we sat there watching the waves and being thankful of this gorgeous day, I asked my friends what are you grateful for?

Our answers varied

My friends, My opportunities, My family, my education, my consciousness of the environment, my enjoyment of learning, the ocean & outdoors, my awareness, my taste and senses, my bodies abilities, my sense of perspective, just to list a few.

But what has stuck with me from this conversation was not what we said but the fact that so few of them were material. None of the first ones that came to mind were how grateful we were for our phones or money or our cars or clothes, none of us were grateful for THINGS, because that’s it they are just things. We were grateful for our experiences and our abilities.

That’s not to say that some “things” don’t bring us happiness, they typically just only bring us short-term happiness and it’s not to say that having these “things” or striving for a well paying job is bad. It’s just a reminder that at the end of the day we need prioritise what we are grateful for first. Because at the end of the day these people and places, activities and attitudes will bring you far more long term happiness than having the newest clothes or an extra thousand dollars in your bank account.

This is an incredible mindfulness activity by giving you a great sense of perspective, making you realise that whatever you may been over thinking and analysing, is hardly important when compared to the things you truly cherish and are grateful for. Not only this, reflecting on what you are grateful for makes you 1000X times happier, you step back and realise damn I am actually so lucky to have the life and abilities I do.

So what are you grateful for today? 

(or be super brave and post it as a comment) 


Maddie xx

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First of all I’m grateful for you Maddie and the awesome job you are doing! And you are so right with how it always comes down to non material stuff that we are grateful for. Sometimes its just a deep breath I take at the beach, the smell of the salt air. The visually pleasing flower stand I visit. The sight of my sleeping children, they look so angelic when they are asleep. The tight hug of your grandparents. I could go on… thanks for this post, we can never be reminded enough! ?✨❤️

Keri August 02, 2017

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