Rose Water

Enormous health and beauty benefits have been well-known since the beginning of the Roman Empire.  The best ways to experience the benefits of the Bulgarian Rose Water is by applying it on your body or hair and it smells out of this world.

While there are over 7,000 varieties of roses worldwide, only few are known as oil-bearing roses that can be used for the production of high quality Rose Water. The Bulgarian Rosa Damascena Rose has been cultivated and well-known as the best oil-bearing rose worldwide for more than 330 years.

Fresh rose petals are hand-picked from the rose fields in the morning while the dew is still on them. These fresh rose petals immediately go through a very meticulous steam-distillation process. During the process, purified distilled water passes through fresh rose petals, and extracts all of the soluble elements (nutritious rose juices and pure rose oil).

The water which condenses and drips into a collecting vessel is called Rose Water. Especially, the Rose Water produced through this meticulous steam-distillation process is called "Rose Hydrosol" from Latin.

Authentic 100% pure & natural Bulgarian Rose Water (Rose Hydosol) with no additives, no chemicals, contains nutritious juices and pure rose oil from fresh Rose petals. The nutritious juices in Rose Water (Rose Hydosol) have a vast range of therapeutic benefits because of the presence of numerous water-soluble active ingredients that are not present in the rose oil itself.

Spray anytime your hot, need refreshing, as a toner, this product is a hand bag staple, if Cleopatra used it every day, pass me the bottle.

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