The best way to recover after a workout

Ice baths, saunas, personal masseuse, 30 minutes of stretching, smoothies filled with every post-workout product you can think of…. We have heard it all and no doubt when you speak with a pro athlete, they have their tips and tricks that they praise as gospel when it comes to recovering your muscles. But! What if you don’t have a budget like Tiger Woods to recuperate from a workout? What if you simply don’t have the time for a two-hour recovery session.

Never fear, my fellow earth loving, naturally inclined, eco, Cedar & Stone tribe. We have some really nice simple hints to help you recover in a nurturing (not so hectic) way after you complete your favourite workout. 

  • Stay hydrated pre and post workout with water. If you feel you need a bit extra, get your hands on some coconut water, dubbed ‘Mother Nature’s sports drink’, coconut water is super hydrating and low in calories.
  • Do some light stretching and get your hands on our Healing Mist to spritz over sore muscles while you stretch. Packed full of Wintergreen, Arnica and Magnesium oil, all of the essentials you need to recover sore muscles quicker post workout.
  • Run a bath – if time permits later in the evening get yourself into a relaxing warm bath and add our Recovery Bath Salts - Epsom salts are extremely beneficial for you, from reducing swelling and helping ease stress in your body. A natural sleep hypnotic that also relieves muscle cramps and tension. The Recovery Bath Salts also have magnesium added to get you on the road to recovered, happy muscles in no time at all.
  • After your bath, rub over your entire body our All In One, made with Rose and Arnica this will soothe sore muscles and have you ready to tuck into bed, for a restful nights sleep.
  • Drop some of our Zen Essential Oil into your diffuser or oil burner next to your bed and get ready to drift off into a restful night sleep where your muscles are recovering perfectly.

Doesn’t all of that make you feel nostalgic and want to curl up with a book after some post workout pampering. Remember the power of food when it comes to recovery as well. Fuel your body with nourishing meals packed with veggies to get your body vibrant and strong.

Enjoy recovering the right way after your workout and bliss out.



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