Easy self-care ideas for every day

Working a little more self-care into your daily routine can do wonders to take you from barely functioning to really flourishing. 

When life gets busy, we don’t think twice about putting self-care on the backburner. Skipping workouts, not sleeping enough or feeling too busy to dedicate any time to life’s little pleasures. Hectic living with no room each day just for you can take its toll.

It might sound indulgent, but making time to spend on yourself isn’t selfish. It's absolutely necessary for you to shine your brightest; for you and those around you.  Fit your own ‘healthy and happy’ mask before trying to help others!

To really avoid burnout, self-care must become a daily habit, not just a one time deal. That doesn’t mean we need to find hours every day to pamper ourselves silly; sounds great.....but who has the time?

Instead, indulge in a few tiny self-care rituals regularly to keep your sanity and health on track. Little and often win the day!

Use a body scrub in the shower

Using a body scrub daily in the shower can be such an amazing routine to get into to add a little luxury into your life. Try using your scrub on one body part per day in the shower, that way by the end of the week your entire body will be scrubbed by only adding about an extra 30 seconds onto your daily shower!

Buy or pick yourself flowers

Seriously, who doesn’t feel uplifted by the sight of a bright bunch of flowers, or even a single, beautiful rose standing in a vase?

Dial-up dinner

If cooking dinner is the norm for weeknights, get something delicious home delivered instead and savour that extra time normally spent prepping, cooking and washing up.

Take 10 to mask

Just sit down and take 10 minutes to yourself and apply a clay face mask. The benefits of clay are so powerful a little time goes a long way. Try our new Clay Face Mask for a simply yet effective skin detox. 

Take a weekend nap without an alarm clock

Ahhh, the pure and simple joy of catching some zzzz’s without being jolted awake by the sound of an alarm.

Get into colouring

Newsflash: colouring isn’t just for kids. It can be amazingly therapeutic for adults too. Getting creative with a bunch of pencils or crayons for just 10 minutes can have a similar effect as meditation, helping calm and focus the mind. Check out these beauties for inspo.

Download The Headspace App

This brilliant app makes meditation very simple for newbies to the practice. Helps you get your zen on, focus more and sleep better.

Take a soak

A classic self-care ritual, it’s hard to go past a good ol soak in the tub to help welcome in a little more peace. Bonus self-care points if you’re soaking in something gorgeous, like our Frankincense + Lime Bath Salts

Dance it out

Crank up your favourite tune and turn your living room into a dance floor for a few minutes. Bust out some crazy moves to shake up those endorphins.

Switch off the socials for a day

Give your mind and emotions a breather from the scroll life. Unplugging for even a day will give you some social media silence, which is incredibly refreshing.

Soak your feet in Epsom salts

So simple but so, so blissful after a busy day on your feet or a strenuous workout.

Stop overthinking

Ok, so for the overthinkers out there, we know this can be an insanely hard habit to break, but one worth trying.  Giving yourself some mental space and choosing to stop the looping or critical thoughts is an incredibly powerful form of self-care.


We’d love to know what else you’d add to this list of simple, self-care rituals?


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