Why SALT is essential to life

Did you know that eating a low sodium diet actually increases your risk of cardiovascular incidents and disease more than a high sodium diet?

Salt is one of those things that gets a bad hype in the 'health' industry, which is a total shame because salt is essential in supporting a number of the bodies vital processes, without adequate salt levels the body starts to fatigue, muscles start to weaken and we find ourselves easily dehydrated. 

The type of salt you consume really is fundamental to obtaining the nutrients salt provides, you want to look for a good QUALITY salt, rather than consuming a high QUANTITY of terrible salt. First things first, 100% avoid table salt, it is basically a heavily processed poison and your body will gain nothing good from consuming it. 

Good quality salts recommended are, Celtic Sea Salt and 

Himalayan Sea Salt

Known as 'pink gold', Himalayan Sea Salt is believed to be the purest sea salt in the world. It contains all 84 elements found in our body, the benefits include, 

  • increase hydration and regulate water content in and out of cells
  • balance pH
  • prevent muscle cramping 
  • electrolyte balance
  • aids in absorption of food in intestinal tract
  • supports respiratory health and libido 
  • regulates sleep and blood pressure 
  • promote bone strength and vascular health

Himalayan Sea Salt is so great it can be used for almost everything that ails you! Whilst ingesting it is essential to optimum health, other ways to use the salt include,

  • Salt Therapy, which has been found to be extremely beneficial to those suffering from respiratory illnesses- asthma, seasonal allergies, congestion, cystic fibrosis
  • Salt Lamps used for air purifying properties and EMF reduction 
  • Detox Salt Baths used in our body scrubs and bath salts for its detoxifying, energetically cleansing, relaxing and mineral rich properties

HELPFUL HINT- add a little salt to your daily water intake to improve hydration, especially useful in Summer!


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