5 reasons to choose cruelty-free

Animal testing is so not ok with us.

At Cedar + Stone, we don’t believe any animal should ever suffer for the sake of a new cream or lotion.  The skincare industry can do a good job at hiding what goes on in labs around the world, where gentle, helpless animals are subjected to cruel tests and have a quality of life so low, it’s probably not even fair to call it a life.

The abuse of animals for the sake of our beauty regimes needs to stop. We want to encourage you to shop ethically and purchase a cruelty-free brand over one that tests on animals. It’s a simple decision that can have a big impact on animals around the world.

Here are 5 awesome reasons to take a stand for our animal friends and shop cruelty-free! 

Animal testing isn’t even necessary

When developing new product formulas, beauty brands can choose from literally thousands and thousands of ingredients that have already been proven safe for human use. Creating new lotions and potions from this list of safe ingredients means further animal testing is completely unnecessary.

Companies that continue to formulate new products using ingredients that are untested are blatantly choosing unethical practices over the cruelty-free option. 

You have a ton of amazing, cruelty-free brands to choose from

Like Cedar + Stone.

Ok, shameless plug. But seriously, we care about our beautiful animal friends. We’re proud to be passionately against animal testing and Cedar + Stone products reflect our values. We believe what you put on your skin should be made by nature, not in a lab at the expense of a suffering animal.

We’re so happy to see a surge in cruelty-free brands, not just in skincare but across the board. With so many cruelty-free quality products easily available, saying no to a product tested on animals is really a no-brainer.

There are better technology alternatives than testing on animals

The excuse companies continue on with animal testing because they’re trialling the safety of the product for humans just doesn’t cut it anymore. Technology has introduced a bunch of new, more accurate methods, to test the human reaction to new ingredients. These include:

  • Test tube methods called in vitro where the test is carried out on human cell and tissue culture. Using actual human tissue gives a more accurate response than animal results.
  • Computer (in silico) Modelling; these computer-based tests make sophisticated estimates of the likelihood of an ingredient causing a reaction in humans, based on how similar it is to existing ingredients.

Volunteer studies are also conducted with people who have put their hand up to be a human tester for product ingredients. For us, taking part in a study is optional. Lab animals have no choice.

You’ll send the industry a message; animal testing is NOT OK!

Voting with your cash is one of the best ways to send a message to brands who experiment on animals that it’s so not ok - and you’ll be spending money elsewhere, thanks very much!

Boycotting companies that use animal testing is the best way support our little friends trapped in labs and truly influence the industry as a whole, encouraging more brands to go cruelty-free.

Your skin will thank you

Making the switch to cruelty-free won’t only save a beautiful, gentle animal from pain, it’s  likely to do great things for your skin too.

It’s common for many cruelty-free brands to use natural and non-toxic ingredients. Parabens and chemicals in your products can wreak havoc on your skin and many companies aren’t clear about what goes into their products.  Hellooooo, sneaky marketing tactics.

While we can’t say every cruelty- free brand also uses non-toxic ingredients, many brands against animal testing are eco-friendly, favouring natural, organic ingredients as part of their overall ethos.

Make your choice cruelty -free to speak up for our dear animal friends who deserve our consideration, compassion and a life free from laboratory testing.

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