Skin healing benefits of Bentonite

Bentonite Clay is a master skin detoxifier. This amazing clay delivers serious skin health benefits thanks to its unique ability to draw out and absorb toxins, heavy metals and bacteria. Here’s the rundown of what Bentonite Clay is and why you need to get it on your face.

What is Bentonite clay?

Bentonite Clay, also known as Montmorillonite, is a powerful healing clay made from aged volcanic ash and the largest know source is found in Fort Benton, Wyoming, USA.  You can reap the incredible internal and external detoxifying benefits of this clay either as a skin care treatment or taken orally 

What does it do?

Bentonite Clays skin superpower is its unique ability to create an ‘electrical charge’ when it comes in contact with liquid to draw out toxins. The wet clay swells quickly (a bit like chia seeds when they’ve been soaked in water) and when this happens, toxins are sucked into the clay via the electrical charge.

Get down with using Bentonite Clay on your face and be prepared to reap these amazing skin healing benefits:

Detoxifies skin

Bentonite Clays nifty trick with the electrical charge makes it incredibly detoxifying. We absorb a bunch of toxins every day from common products like cleaning supplies, paints, unpurified water and pesticides sprayed on fruit. Even just breathing in the fumes from the air around us clocks up the toxins in our bodies! The clay draws out these skin dulling toxins and also helps send oxygen to cells as it pulls excess hydrogen and allows the cells to replace it with oxygen instead. 

Shrinks and unclogs pores

Unclog and Tighten; the two favourite skin care promises for anyone with large pores. Bentonite Clay ticks both of the boxes. It draws impurities from deep within the pore, cleansing and tightening the skin which minimises the overall appearance of large pores.

Softens skin

Bentonite Clay is packed full of trace mineral, silica. This important mineral strengthens connective tissue including ligaments, tendons, cartilage, muscles and bone. It makes your skin super soft too, you’ll definitely feel the difference in your complexion when you include Bentonite Clay in your routine. The kind of softness that makes you want to stroke your own face in public. 

Keeps sebum in check

Excess sebum, the natural oil produced by our skin, is a key culprit in creating the bacteria responsible for acne and breakouts. Bentonite Clay keeps sebum in check by absorbing any excess oil, preventing acne forming bacteria having a party on your face.

Regenerates skin tissue

Bentonite Clay gets our tick of approval for skin healing beauty solutions. When activated (mixed with liquid) the clay repairs damaged skin tissue, speeding up the healing process.

Reduces blemishes and dark spots

Using Bentonite Clay as a face mask will help reduce the look of blemishes and dark spots, lifting away the darker dead cells on blemishes skin, revealing new healthy skin below.

Ready to give Bentonite clay a whirl? We seriously recommend you do!

Our Bentonite + Turmeric Mask combines powerful, mineral-rich Bentonite Clay with anti-inflammatory Turmeric extract, and is ideal for skin suffering from acne, pimples, eczema, psoriasis or other skin irritations. These two hugely skin nourishing ingredients work together to detoxify, calm and feed the skin, and leave it feeling beautifully clean and soft.

To use the mask, mix two parts powder with any liquid that is beneficial to the skin. Try hydrating your mask with water, kefir, green juice, nut milk or apple cider vinegar

Have you tried Bentonite clay? What was your experience?

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