Fighting the Flight

As I sit in Ruby’s, an Australian Cafe in Soho, New York (so culturally diverse of me) a heavy feeling came over me, not of the bad kind however the kind that makes you want to launch out of your seat in pure ecstacy.

After going through a shitty experience, why as humans is our first instinct fight or flight?

Scientifically I know that answer, our ancestors yada yada, but in the 21st century as evolved Homosapians; why are most of us still choosing this method of dealing with our problems? Got a pimple? Lets go needle the shit out of our face to try and regenerate the skin layer *PLUG* (just use our LEMON MYRTLE + ROSE FACE OIL instead, seriously it’s way less invasive and it's on sale rn), F*&! I have a new wrinkle, here inject it with this super natural botox containing vitamin E and 250 petrochemicals... The List goes on, not just with beauty but with life itself.

If you haven’t already noticed my angst has stemmed from a hard time in my own journey, that I have recently accepted and come out on the other side. Not only with a great deal of respect for my experience, but a complete, new, wholesome respect for myself.

I’m taking initiative to try and eradicate some, ***not all****, fight or flight from my natural, imprinted genetics (because lets face it, if a bear is chasing me in the woods I would sure hope to the fucking moon and beyond that my fight or flight kicked in) because learning to love the situation you're in, makes life a whole lot easier and more fulfilling.

Tackling problems head on, and learning to accept them with grace and moving on with a smile on your face is super 2023 and we all know how much humans like being ahead of the trend.

Learn it, adapt it to your endeavours and hey, just smile. Life is really, really fucking short. 

Anna x

New York New York

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