Water for Skin Health

We all know we should drink Water but why?
Water is a gift from the Gods, some would beg to differ lately with our recent Cyclone Debbie Flooding but in all seriousness we couldn't live without it.  
It aids in digestion, circulation, absorption and excretion.  
Just that simple thought of digestion and excretion rings a major tune with me.  I can suffer from migraines due to poor digestion if I eat the foods that don't sit well with me, this then leads to little or no excretion.  Then BAMM there comes the headache or migraine.  How does this relate to water or skin for that matter?  I drink loads of water when I feel these Symptoms coming on and I KNOW with all my being that this helps flush me out and gets rids of toxins, my skin usually feels dry and crusty when I am suffering from these ailments.  
Skin is the biggest organ in the body, what goes on inside of us is going to show itself as a picture on the outside.
If we are dehydrated the toxins that we come across on a daily basis accumulate within us, drinking adequate amounts of water flushes those baddies out.  
Our skin is made up of cells and skin cells like any other cell in our body are made up of water.  Without water our organs including the skin will not function to the best of their abilities.
Water basically makes your skins appearance more plump which in turn decreases the signs of ageing - we don't mind ageing, we welcome it actually, but having plump, soft glowing skin is definitely something that makes you feel super fresh, and we all want that right!
So where to from here? 
Every body is different, and everyone needs a different amount of water each day.  It depends on your lifestyle, the weather and how much you sweat, the environmental pollutions you are around, and your overall health.  But I suggest you try this.  Wake up and drink 1 Litre of water before you leave the house in the morning. Pimp that water, add Apple Cider Vinegar or lemon with a touch of Himalayan salt,  or a squeeze of grapefruit, some essential oils if you like.  These all help with the detoxification. Then sip additional water all day.  Experiment and be aware of how you feel, your skins appearance and your trips to the toilet with the increase of water.
Be easy on yourself and remember that simple changes can sometimes be the most powerful..something as simple as water can not only change your skins appearance but also your mood, internal health and and life!
You know you need to do it, and we're sorry to nag you like your Aunt Betty - but just go and drink up!
The C + S Team

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