Hemp - Should I use hemp products?

Now before we go in to all the benefits of hemp and why your beauty routine may seriously be missing it, I think it's best we clear up what hemp actually is.

Hemp or hemp oil is produced by a gentle cold press extraction of a hemp plant, part of the cannabis family. So while marijuana and hemp are both a part of the cannabis family, they are far from the same thing. In the family think of them as cousins not twins.

The tall skinny, sturdy cousin was grown to make a variety of foods, oils and textiles, such as rope and fabrics, this plant being known as hemp. Whereas marijuana was grown for religious and medical purposes, recognising it psychoactive powers.

Because of these different uses they are thus grown under vastly different conditions, hemp is grown outside to avoid the growth of flowering buds at any stage in its life, focusing on strong, stalk like plants. Compared with marijuana where cultivation focuses on optimising the growth of female flowering buds.

Lastly the legal status, marijuana is illegal in most countries with the exception of Canada and Israel legalising medicinal cannabis, while hemp is grown and legal in more the 30 countries (except with the US prohibiting production of hemp, yet importing more 500 million dollars worth each year).


So why does C + S use hemp in our products? I will do my best to explain; however, I think once anyone tries our Hemp & Rose foaming cleanser, no explanation will be needed.

The essential fatty acids combination found in the hemp seed oil is indeed one-of-a-kind among seed-based oils. Making hemp the perfect moisturiser and protector, helping to bring back life to dry, tired and dehydrated skin. Hemp seed oil also provides an adequate supply of antioxidants (Vitamin E), carotene (precursor to Vitamin A), phytosterols, phospholipids and a number of minerals including calcium, magnesium, sulfur, potassium, phosphorus, along with modest amounts of iron and zinc.

With this plethora of essential vitamins and minerals not only helping to improve cardiovascular health and blood flow to the skin, which prevent and slow cell damage; but also helping to bring down irritation and redness of the skin, providing relief to eczema and acne sufferers.


Don’t believe that a simple plant can multi-task so much? Try our Hemp + Rose Foaming Cleanser and prepare to be amazed, giving your skin the high it needs.

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