Q & A with Ziggy Alberts

Firstly, how has the tour been? 

Tour has been great, like really great. Although we haven't really been touring the last couple weeks. Instead we have just been cruising through Norway; surfing, swimming in cold rivers and hiking! 

What is the most difficult thing about being in the music industry? And what is the best? 

How difficult it is to maintain balance, as music takes you away from people you love but to places you love. It makes you tired but also keeps you inspired. Some weeks you have an incredibly balanced lifestyle and some weeks you spend almost the entire week in a car or on stage. 


A typical day for me is.......? 

Typical days for me don’t really exist. Today I'm nestled in a bay amongst the fjords in Norway. This weekend I'll be in an airport on the way to London.


What ignited your passion for the environment? 

Beginning to understand our impact on the planet. It doesn't matter if you love the ocean or not, live by the sea or in the city, we rely on it for something like 70% of our oxygen. Trying to protect that should be considered less a passion, and more an integral part of our continued existence. 


My motto is… 

Don’t quote a motto until you're living it. 


What was your childhood like? 

I had an amazing upbringing. Home-schooled until I was 13, where we surfed and skated. I was blessed to grow up right near the ocean surrounded by heaps of siblings and good vibes. Thanks to the best parents I could have ever asked for!


What has been the most incredible show? Or do you have a favourite place to play? 

Most notable would be a sold out all ages show in Melbourne at 170 Russell earlier this year. It was like, 800 people, and just such and incredible energy from this group of young folk. Really quiet for quiet songs, singing at the top of their lungs for the loud songs, and just filling the room with such a great feeling of unity. I love playing in Melbourne. (Which by the way Maddie (C & S intern) actually attended can confirm it was just as incredible to be in the audience)

But I play so many amazing shows; most of the places and most of the people I play to are incredible.


What is the funniest thing to happen to you recently? 

My friends and I went snowboarding last week. Note: I haven't snowboarded in 10 years; one of the boys hadn't even seen the snow before. We had no gloves, no snow pants, no snow jackets, no gloves, and no experience. Safe to say the whole day was an absolute riot. We made a video of our experience that you can find on Instagram and Facebook. 


What do you think about when you’re alone in your car?

Oh gosh, lots of things. I generally drift from one thing to the next. I was alone this morning, driving through the fjords, thinking about how beautiful this place is. It is pretty windy through all these mountains, so I was trying to just keep focused on the road. 


What are you listening to at the moment? 

We discover lots of epic road trip music via Spotify, helping discover lots of singular songs. But I've been digging many songs from Dermot Kennedy & Khalid, who've been added to rotation amongst Ben Howard, Hozier, Angus & Julia Stone, and many, many, more. 


What is your hangover cure? 

It's coming up 2 years since I stopped drinking alcohol, so my hangover cure is not drinking! haha

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