I’ve been getting away a bit lately, camping under the stars & that. A favourite past time, albeit if my mother had anything to do with it ‘the only stars we’d be camping under are the ones under a hotel sign’ which I’m totally not opposed to either. However there is something so realigning about pulling out the camp chair, setting up the swag and taking a big ole’ hit of nature. My aura feels instantly cleansed, which is a damn good thing for me & a bloody good thing for those around me. I’m not great at concealing negative energy when my body is inhabited with it, and if there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s stewing on things. I mean what’s a Monday morning without having a pit of anxiety about the OTT conversation you had after a few too many vinos, with someone you barely know (except for the algorithm of their Instagram feed and where they holidayed last year with their boyfriend, who you know is now their recent ex-boyfriend because you find yourself browsing their overly documented bodacious life on social media on a way to regular basis). This little gem right here calms me the fuck down and boosts me into equilibrium, in trying times like the above.

I’m lucky to have acquired a noble bunch of atoms, whom I love to call my friends. I could ride their eye rolls to the other side of the world and if I had a dollar for every time they told me to politely shut the fandango up, I could probably buy some new friends (or a new voice box), but they’re great nonetheless. We set up a vibey little picnic on our last camping trip down to Evans Head on the NSW Coast. The weekend was filled with a plethora of exciting activities, 4wdriving, tow-ins on the ski, copious amounts of red wine – and you know what; it was exactly where I wanted to be. Not Europe, not in a steam room with Jason Statham, not in KFC dine-in (i'm the non vegan of the team, getting there), right where I was – was enough.

All due credit to my Spiritual Protection Mist, obvs.  *plug*



Words - Anna Hamilton

Photography - Luke @ The Sunday Society (

Wardrobe - Anna wears the Mahiya Leather Wynter dress

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