What should I pack in my carry on luggage for a long haul flight?

Long haul flying can sometimes have you feeling like a zombie when you get out on the other side of the world. This is less than ideal because majority of the time you have to somewhat “human” to find your accommodation or fill in the day until check in opens because of the early morning arrival. With the C + S team being self confessed gypsies, we think we have narrowed down our top 6 items to have in your carry on luggage

  1. Make-up remover: I know we all like to get onto the plane feeling ready to tackle the world, but due to the lack of moisture in planes, flying with heavy make-up on can result in your skin being dry, dull, flaky and irritated. So first thing is first: remove your make-up. This can be easily done sitting in your seat with some of your favourite make-up remover. We opt for S.W Basics Cleanser because its non-foaming and can be easily used sitting at your seat, plus it has only 3 natural ingredients; organic rose water, organic vegetable glycerine, and organic tea tree oil



  1. Rosewater spray: possibly the best ever product to grace your carry on luggage. Rose water is the perfect fix to dry skin while flying. Hydrating your skin, giving you new life and making your face smell like heavenly Turkish delight. While probably no surprises that we all use the cedar 



  1. Face moisturiser: MOISTURE! MOISTURE! MOISTURE! Again to protect against dry and dull skin, but also apply a layer just before you get off the plane to wake you up and feel like you have your life together. Plus with numerous hours at your disposal why not take the chance to give your skin some TLC.
    Use our Rose + White tea moisturiser not only because it gives the skin intense hydration and a brighter complexion, but because the bottle is conveniently 50mls, so perfect for travelling. 



  1. Lip balm: having chapped and dry lips is a struggle enough during everyday life, and with the stale environment in planes your lips are almost always guaranteed to be chapped by the end of the flight, so come prepared with your favourite lip balm. Our favourite is the Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip balm. It is made from 100% natural ingredients, comes in a cute travel perfect tin and results in soft and hydrated lips. 


  1. Hand sanitiser: relatively self-explanatory firstly; because you don’t want to be applying skincare products with dirty hands. Secondly, to protect you from the nasty germs at airports and on planes. Use our all natural coconutty peppermint hand sanitiser, that's only $10 and is the perfect travelling size at 50mls
  1. Sephora Beauty On The Fly Bag: I happened to stumble across this before I made the trip to Sweden and I haven’t looked back. You will never have to fear that you will lose your favourite beauty products because they do not fit within the set restrictions or hold up the line while searching to the bottom of the bag for your perfume. With this all your liquids and gels are easily organised and within easy reach. Also at only $4.95, its hard to resist 


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