Q & A with Christina Macpherson

Our Muse, Christina Macpherson is one amazing lady. I wish you could all meet her in person to truly understand how down to earth this girl is. Funny, Down to Earth, A Super Brain and Hot. How is that even fair!?!

Any advice for your previous boss? 

Absolutely no advice whatsoever. I'd like to thank them for giving me the freedom to continually take time off to pursue the dream that I now get to work at every day. 

Your skincare regime after a night on the town?

A night on the town is few and far between at the moment! I generally don't wear makeup if I'm not working either but even so I always clean my skin with a toner or a combination of warm water and face oil before bed. 

You have a lot of fun stuff going on ALL the time in your life - we are slightly addicted to your funny Insta stories -  how do you keep up - any advice on self care?

For me, in this crazy industry where standards are slightly chaotic, it's important to take everything with a grain of salt. Remembering to step back and laugh at the absurdity of it all gets me back on track if I'm having a hard day. I have a lot of self-doubt, so getting the happy hormones going is paramount for me to keep things slightly silly.

What’s the funniest thing that has happened to you recently? 

Oh man, I embarrass myself daily. I never wear my glasses, and the other day I jumped into a car that I thought was my friends before hastily realising what I'd done. After sitting there awkwardly for a few few seconds, I let out a strange giggle, yelped, 'just kidding!' at the horrified woman in the car, and ran away...

You are not just a beauty but a hilarious, fun spirited, talented and intelligent super human - can you tell us about what you are studying or writing about and what really sparks your interests?

I'd prefer you just keep laying all the compliments actually, ha thanks!

I've studied two arts degrees (Ancient History & Religion; and Creative Writing & Theatre)  which have been absolutely useless in the real world, but have satisfied my want for learning (and also emptied my bank account). My hunger to continually learn often distracts me from what I'm actually supposed to be doing, but it is a quiet driving force that I hope never dwindles.

I guess having a family full of weirdos also helps the fun spirited side. Growing up in several different countries and getting farted on by my two brothers definitely led to me being able to adapt to things and not take life too seriously. And my parents life story is like an sci-fi romantic adventure novel in itself; I hope somebody interviews them about it one day because it's an incredible story that's still going on. I'm proud of our little Macpherson tribe and how our need to explore, learn and love is something that drives each one of us. Thanks Macs.

One item you can have for the rest of your life, what is it?

It's a toss up between what will allow me to remember or recreate feelings -  photographs, ipod, or a pen and paper. We're shaped by our memories, and those memories shape others. I don't want to ever forget.

Favourite essential oil?

I love the Dream Spray Oil Mist - I am not a good sleeper and this spray instantly relaxes me and eases a frantic mind. Also the Lemon Myrtle & Rose Face Oil - so good for winter dryness and the smell is lussshhh.

Favourite part of our Cedar and Stone shoot?

All of it! Such good vibes the entire day! I was a little nervous about meeting my pretend husband for the day (Darcy), but the two of us clicked instantly, as did the whole team. I left that shoot feeling like I'd been a part of something really special. ...also, the champagne helped...:-P

Last but not least what new and exciting projects or adventures do you want to share? 

I'm pretty terrible at committing to projects in the future - planning scares me. But I am about to be in Sydney for an exciting partnership with David Jones, and I'm heading to Greece, Italy and Britain for work in June/July and then Cuba in September, so the planning has become better and I'm excited to share what's to come!

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