Mr Darcy - Our favourite Aussie Cool Kid

Darcy Dineen. He's had a colourful, rockstar life so far. Musician, lover of nature, ocean enthusiast, joker. What buzzes us out the most about Darcy is that he has been there and done that but is still THE most humble, down to earth character.  He's got a bit of a following over on his Instagram page, but it definitely hasn't gone to his head. He's the epiphany of 'stay true to who you are and all good things will follow'.

So, here we go...

Any advice for your previous boss?

(Onsite Manager @ Noosa River Holiday Park)


Thanks for all the extended breaks when the surf was pumping. I loved your method of rewarding me with ice creams and other sweets for staying back an extra hour after close. I also advise you check the security camera as that extra hour was usually spent listening to music, talking to backpackers, playing guitar, drinking beer and watching the sun go down on Noosa River.

You're a lovely successful business woman with as much heart and passion as Mother Teresa. Fair to say I love you...


Your skincare regime after a night on the town?

First off I to pay a visit to Dr Pacific and wash away my dustiness. Feeling fresh I try and race my house mate to my bedside table, fighting over the Lemon Myrtle Mint moisturiser to feel somewhat nice and approachable again. Plus the fact, it smells like I'm rubbing a lemonade icey pole all over my face and lets be honest, who doesn't want that after a big night out.

You ride a motorbike, work on boats, you seem like you love ya motors, what your dream toy situation?

There's something about motors that really gets me going, the engineering side blows my mind constantly! But I'm a realist so my idea toy sitch isn't a twin turbo supercharged shopping trolley but a mint condition white 87' Ford Falcon Longreach Panel Van with barn doors and timber interior. oh and don't forget a chunky Honda CB550 custom built motorcycle for tearing up the sand and turning heads.

What’s the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?


One of my closest flower friends has been calling me non stop, celebrating over her manifestation of things with a 90% success rate. Now I always like to have a giggle and encourage her 'superpowers' of Manifestation. Weather it be manifesting the lost tele remote, finding money or a spontaneous surf thought is too small, no dream is too big! Filled with scepticism I carry out my normal routine of work, rest and play... that's where the fun started. 

Whilst on my lunch break at work, I find myself staring at this large dark blue porcelain pot plant that we use for rubbish. It's worth $200, it's the size of my whole leg and sits by the office door. By now I'm so far gone day dreaming eating my apples, I start making scenarios in my head about my dramatic slow-motion attempt to try grab this pot after knocking it over with my clumsiness. I'm doing flips, diving underneath, finger tip catches,  stopping it with a shoe, you name it, I dreamt it...It was a slow day that day. 

It's now home time and the chief is up at the gate waiting for me when he yells out to grab the last 4 beers to ease our drive home. In a panicked rush, I drop his wad of keys onto my bare foot, causing me to stumble which leads me to the path of (you guessed it) the giant shitty expensive rubbish bin.

Panic sets in, I feel my right hoof clip the bottom of the pot but i've got more momentum than Nikki Webster's early career . So instead of pulling out the matrix moves and sniper like accuracy, I did what a good captain should and went down with his ship, really slowly, pancaking on top of the pot shattering upon impact into tiny pieces of embarrassment. I gather my shocked self and run to the car with nothing but bad news. "Oi chief,  I dropped all our beers, smashed your mums pot plant and I stink like grog"...he looks at me and goes, well you're and idiot and you're not getting in my car with that all over you! Points to my hand and I see this big gash on my right hand deeper than my love for puppies and it's bleeding everywhere. In my intense moment of manifestation, i failed to see the reality of me landing on 2 different types of glass so as you can imagine, there was some clean deep cuts. 

Despite my cut up ego and fear of vindication from Alex, I had no choice but to call her and excessively laugh and my new found mind power!

The following day, I'm cleaning the windows of the yacht outside 15ft up above the wharf when I stupidly think about my foot slipping..NOT EVEN A MINUTE LATER...I slip on a water patch but catch my self before I fall to a permanent holiday. Safe to say, I'm not thinking or manifesting anything ever again but far out it was a funny bloody experience. 

Your best inner beauty tip?

True happiness brews from within and radiates outwards for the world to see. There's nothing more beautiful than an honest emotion.

and to be fair, I'm pretty lazy so it's the easiest option.

One item you can have for the rest of your life, what is it?

Lets go against the grain of cliches and ditch the idea of a surfboard. My joints are weak and bones already fragile so it'd almost be selfish to keep a board until I cark it. I'm tossing up between a guitar, motorbike or my trusty 35mm point and shoot, you can't really have one or the other. Adventuring isn't quite the same without music and if you can't capture that moment in time with an image, a small part of that memory will never be found again (and i don't mean on a bloody phone). 

I'm being realistic here, say you somehow make it to 80 and your memory's a bit shot, fingers bent like twisties and not even the Ulysses will accept you oh and you can't remember where you put your socks...there's gonna be one thing that'll keep me smiling...permanent memories of a stronger man.

Have you got anything on the horizon that you're excited about?

Not really, I'm not sure what I'm doing this afternoon let alone down the track so how about we say I'm excited for the horizon?

Favourite essential oil?

Without a doubt, Eucalyptus oil. Brings to mind a comforting nostalgia of young days being nursed by mum. Any dramas i had sleeping, breathing, relaxing, she was never far away with a little bottle ready to pour on my pillow, soothing my woes. Onya ma

And lastly but not least, why do you think it takes 15 minutes to cook rice?

15 minutes is a perfect amount of time to organise your colourful stir fry, create your peanut satay sauce or juicy mango chicken. Set up some candles for your loved one perhaps. Any longer or shorter and things just wouldn't work.

Just kidding, I burn water, you'll have to ask someone else...



What a legend. You can follow Darcys adventures through his Insta @darcydineen

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