Gel, Foaming or Oil based cleanser?

We are all unique and individual human beings- our skincare routine should be a reflection of who we are and what our skin needs... we understand this changes and evolves and it should- that is why our cleansers were created uniquely to ensure there was something for everyone, at any given time. 

The Gel based cleansers (Rose + Ginger Cleanser and Frankincense + Arnica Cleanser) are our all rounders- oily, dry or combination skin approved*. Formulated using aloe vera gel, well known for its soothing and nourishing properties topically, the gel cleansers will remove impurities whilst leaving the skin fresh and clean. These are your go to if you are unsure of where to start. 

*caution with the Frankincense + Arnica Cleanser if you have sensitive skin

The Foaming cleanser (Hemp + Rose Foaming Cleanser) offers that gratifying, sudsy, squeaky clean feeling after a wash. Highly recommend for those with oily skin types or as incorporated into your evening wash routine, as it works wonderfully as a make- up remover. 

The Oil based cleanser (Cardamon + Acai Oil Cleanser) is our most nourishing cleanser. The oil cleansers work on an oil dissolves oil principle- the plant based oils clean the skin, whilst binding and removing the bad oils that have accumulated. This regulates your sebum production and keeps your skin feeling healthy and fresh without drying out. We recommend this cleanser for those of you with sensitive skin.

Our cleansers work magic incorporated into a daily washing routine together, we recommend,

    • Morning wash with the Cardamon + Acai Oil Cleanser: this will freshen the face after a nights sleep, set your skin up with a good foundation for the day and is the perfect base if make- up needs to be applied 
    • Evening wash with the Gel or Foaming Cleanser

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