The Holistic Skincare Approach

At Cedar + Stone we are big believers in beauty from the inside out, skincare is not as sim ple as what you are putting on your body, you need to be looking at it from a holistic perspective, honouring that mind and body connection.


Not many people realise that the mind and skin are intimately intertwined. You will get use to me saying this because it's something I am so  passionate about- the mind is so so powerful, the impact it has over our body is just incredible! Many skin conditions- acne, eczema, psoriasis, etc take their roots in our minds. Do you have eczema and find it flares uparticularly when you are under stress? Reason being, stress hormones e.g. cortisol deplete the skin of moisture and increase the production of oil, which equals dry skin and/ or acne. The answer, stress less!! Find your stress release, whether it be meditating, going for a walk, making art, listening to music. Find that time for yourself everyday, your mind will thank you, your skin will thank you. 


If you are reading this post I am sure you are interested in natural skincare, so we don't need to get into the whole why are you putting toxic and harsh chemically laden products on your skin BUT just a reminder, the skin is the largest organ of our body, what we put on our skin goes right inside, it's not as simple as what you wash your face and moisturise with, think about your physical environment- city or suburbs? Dry or humid climate? This will all contribute to the health of your skin.
Are you getting enough exercise? Exercise increases blood flow throughout the body, nourishing the skin cells. 


Hormonal imbalances and gut illnesses are some of the biggest beauty diminishing culprits but controlling them is as simple as eating a healthy, wholesome diet. Avoid the processed junk and look for fresh fruit, vegetables, fermented foods, probiotics, collagen rich bone broths and FATS. No, not a typo, FATS ARE GOOD! Our obsession with 'diet' and 'low- fat' has wrecked havoc on our hormones. Eat wild caught fish rich in omegas, avocado, soak your salad in oil, organic grass- fed butter is not your enemy, I promise, it's actually essential for the health of your skin! 

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