Why we love Frankincense Oil!

Frankincense is an ancient oil teeming with beauty benefits. From fading scars to fighting premature ageing, frankincense is a total gem of the essential oils world.

With a distinctly gorgeous woody aroma, the skin beautifying and healing properties of frankincense are really something special. It’s been treasured for centuries; used during religious ceremonies for skin treatments and perfume.

Frankincense oil is created by the steam distillation of resin produced from the Boswellia tree, a native to northeast Africa, the southern Arabian peninsula and parts of India. The intricate mixture of monoterpenes such as alpha-pinene, alpha-Thujene, Limonene, and beta-Pinene contained in the oil work in harmony to deliver the powerful skin rejuvenating effects it’s famous for. 

Great for oily skin and acne

Frankincense is a winner for oily skin. A fantastic natural astringent, it helps regulate sebum and stop your face looking like a hot mess by removing excess oil. The astringent properties of frankincense also help tighten skin, good news if you’re battling a case of large pores.

Frankincense is one of the best essential oils for fighting acne because it’s super, duper anti-inflammatory. When acne gets all red and swollen that’s the body’s inflammatory response to the infection of the acne-causing bacteria. Frankincense will soothe and reduce the inflammation and can also help prevent acne forming thanks to the boswellic acids it contains which are capable of killing bacteria associated with acne.

Slows down fine lines and wrinkles

Famous for its wrinkle reducing superpowers, frankincense has amazing anti aging properties; making it ideal for mature skin. Thanks to frankincense’s cytophylactic properties, it stimulates cell regeneration and also protects older cells from free radical damage. It’s those nasty free radicals that are responsible for speeding up the degeneration of healthy skin; causing fine lines and wrinkles. The astringent properties also lift the skin, targeting those trouble spots prone to extra sagging, like around the chin and neck.

Speeds up the healing of wounds

Skin healing ingredients called monoterpenes are found in frankincense. Monoterpenes have antibacterial and antiseptic properties which make the oil super helpful for wound cleansing and speeding up the healing process. Old scar tissue will benefit from frankincense as well as fading the appearance of pregnancy stretch marks. 

It smells ah-ma-zing and relieves stress

In addition to skin beautifying, the aroma of frankincense is therapeutic and can help soothe anxiety and relieve negative feelings like stress and mild depression. It’s is a go-to essential oil to bring balance back to your mood when you’re feeling weighed down or having trouble calming a racing mind. 

There’s clearly a lot to love about frankincense! We’ve made it a star ingredient in a few of our products in the Cedar + Stone range.

Our Frankincense + Lime Bath Salts include Himalayan salt, which is extremely beneficial as a  natural sleep hypnotic that also relieves muscle cramps and tension. This divine bath soak is detoxifying, energetically cleansing, relaxing and rich in minerals. 

The ultimate in skin care food, our Frankincense + Ginseng Moisturiser will work wonders to rejuvenate the overall look of a tired, dull complexion. With all the goodness of frankincense, the moisturiser also contains ginger extract; which is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

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