Pregnant and not glowing?

While some expecting mamas will flaunt a flawless glow, the hormonal roller coaster of pregnancy can also have the opposite effect. Oh hey there, pigmentation, stretch marks, crazy oily or super dry skin. Check out our tips for keeping some of the most common pregnancy skin issues under control!

Changes in skin tone

Growing a bub is hard work and it sends your hormones a little haywire, to say the least. The increase of estrogen, progesterone and the melanocyte-stimulating hormone (MSH) during pregnancy can result in pigmentation of the skin.

A condition called melasma (also known as "mask of pregnancy”) is discolouration of the skin, especially around the nose, upper lip and forehead as a result of hormonal irregularities.

Pregnancy is a time to be super religious about sun protection as UV rays enhance the look of pigmentation. Stick to shady spots, big hats and use a natural, chemical-free sunscreen (we love Eco Logical Face Sunscreen 30+) when your spending time outside.

Oily skin

Super oily skin and breakouts are common while pregnant. Get excess oil under control by adding a mask treatment to your weekly routine; Bentonite clay does a brilliant job sucking up oil and is super healing for the skin. Our Bentonite + Turmeric Mask can be mixed with apple cider vinegar instead of water to go the extra mile in zapping the bacteria responsible for breakouts. 

The mask also helps in the pigmentation department; the clay lifts away the darker dead cells on blemishes skin, revealing new healthy skin below.

Bonus tip: Avoid using oil-based makeup as it only makes the oil slick situation worse.

Dry Skin

Or things could swing the opposite way…... instead of oily skin; it’s super dry.

When hormone levels fluctuate, you may begin to look slightly more reptilian than radiant. This is because your skin’s hydrolipidic barrier - the protective layer of water, fat, and wax that forms on tops of your skin - can weaken and form ‘holes’ in some places. Moisture evaporates more quickly through these ‘holes’ off the surface of your skin, leaving you dry, itchy and cracked.

You may need to switch up your regular cleanser to a super gentle, non-drying option to keep moisture locked in. Our Hemp + Rose Foaming Cleanser is rich in Omegas revealing beautifully cleansed skin without that icky dried out feeling other foaming cleansers can leave behind.

As well as drinking plenty of water, using a humidifier at night will help relieve dry skin and so will soaking in a warm oatmeal bath.

Stretch marks

We’re yet to meet anyone who is a raving fan of stretch marks and prevention is definitely better than cure. Long, thin stretch marks are the result of skin rapidly expanding; like when you’re growing a new little human in your belly.

Calm the potential fierceness of stretch marks by making it a daily habit to massage your skin with a great body oil. Our Everything Oil is super nourishing with oils like avocado, almond, and olive and can be used all over the body and suits all skin types. 

It’s not just about showing your bump love, pay attention to everywhere that’s getting larger; including boobs, hips, butt, and thighs.

Ditch the toxins

If you’re not already onboard the natural skincare wagon; pregnancy is a time to jump (or waddle) on.

A bunch of nasty chemical ingredients you should avoid while pregnant can be found in many skin care products.

These include parabens, formaldehyde, toluene, phthalates, aluminum chloride, chemical sunscreens and dihydroxyacetone (DHA). Read the ingredient list carefully and swap any of your current products filled with toxins for a safe, plant-based version. They do an even better job. We promise!

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