Clearing Breakouts - Face Mapping

Ever notice that some breakouts just keep showing up in the same old spots? It could be your skin trying to tell you something. Enter, face mapping.

The skin reading technique of face mapping dates back thousands of years to ancient Chinese medicinal practices. It suggests specific internal issues can show up in certain areas of your face. This means you may be able to figure out what exactly is causing your breakouts based on where they’re appearing. It’s time for some skin super sleuthing!


Breakouts in your t-zone (around your forehead area) may indicate a deeper digestive issue is at play and your body is having a hard time breaking down food.

Heartburn, gas, constipation and a painfully bloated belly can also be signs your digestive system isn’t working quite as it should. Make sure your pile your plate high with foods to help ease the digestion process, like fibrous fruits and veggies.

A pimply t-zone may also be an indicator of too much stress and if that’s the case, check out our tips on tiny self-care rituals for every day.

Between the eyes

Liver issues can be reflected in pimples that appear between the eyes. The liver is your number one detoxification organ. It filters toxins out of the bloodstream, so they don’t build up in your body. Breakouts between the eyes may indicate the liver’s detoxification process is a little sluggish. Ensure you’re supporting your liver as much as possible by drinking plenty of water each day and cutting back of fatty foods. Go easy on alcohol too, pimples may appear in this zone after a big night out.

Show your liver some love by chowing down on foods like berries and dark green leafy veggies. Drinking warm water with fresh lemon juice first thing in the morning is also a great way to help flush the toxins from your system in the AM.


If you’re breaking out on your cheeks, this could mean you’re challenged with some respiratory problems. It’s polluted air and environmental toxins that can cause breakouts in this zone; often side effects of living the inner city life.

If you have allergies that affect your respiratory system, like pollen allergies during the change of season, this may also be reflected in your cheek zone. Cutting out those guilty pleasure cigs is a must…...and definitely not just for your skin!

Another explanation for breakouts here may be a dirty mobile phone; when it’s pressed up against your cheek any bacteria that’s found its way to your phone screen is now right at home on your face. Nice. Time to bust out the anti-bacterial wipes.


The culprit for chin related breakouts may very well be good old hormones. Hormones can wreak havoc with your complexion and in the days before your period, your skin definitely deserves a little extra TLC.

Take some time out to treat yourself to a nourishing face mask or another skin treatment; use it as an opportunity to snatch some ‘me’ time for yourself. Sipping on our Soothe Yourself Tea, a calming combination of herbs sharing the ability to aid in the balance of women's hormones is also a great way to find some relief in the lead up to and during your period.

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