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You may have noticed that we are now selling Violet Gray Chakra Jewellery on our own website. We don't normally sell any other products apart from our own but something within the Violet Gray business resonated so deeply with us - every time Alex drops into the studio it feels like we've known each other for years.... we just knew we had to get these precious jewels on our site. 


The pieces are simple, delicate and created from high grade metals (soon to be 100% recycled and fair trade) and ethically sourced gemstones. The concepts deeply rooted in spirituality, connection, romantisism and symbology, making them feel sacred and powerful to wear.

For as long as Alex can remember she has been raised (and encouraged) to lead an unconventional life; one governed by creativity, philosophical conversation and passion. With a core desire to connect with JOY and passion every day and infuse this into all that she creates, Violet Gray is fuelled with this very same trailblazing energy and aspiration.



Violet Gray is a Company that oozes connection, in a fast paced world and especially being the Owner of a business can you share how you connect in to stay centred with the work/life balance?
Don't they say you teach what you need to learn?! I am definitely devoted to experiencing heightened connection and obtaining a healthy balance, but it is a life long journey and I don't always nail it! 
I love rituals and I am a big fan of incorporating sensory tools into my days and my life - so if I find myself caught up in the speed (or my head) I will sit in stillness. I will use your beautiful sprays (no joke!), burn palo santo for a reset,  select oils based on my intention for the day and diffuse on my desk.  I journal, I move my body - and I am a big believer of energy and our ability to shift stagnant energy through yoga, walking, running. 
And I stop looking at social media! ha! 


Kate & Keri from Cedar & Stone are attending one of your well known Intention Circles coming up, they are sooo pumped about it, can you share a bit about what they can expect?

I am so excited to share this with the Cedar & Stone duo in July! These experiences are ALL about connection, creativity and cacao. It is an opportunity to connect with ourselves, with others, with our creative and intuitive abilities.  

An afternoon where we can all step out of the 'busy' in life, the roles we play, the speed in which we race.... and allow all worries to wash away!  During the course of the events, we slow right down... We experience the power of circle, through meditation and stillness. We then craft our own personal bracelets - using sterling silver and crystals and then I offer an interpretation based on your crystal choices (this is always fun!). We feast and then we step outside and into a Cacao ceremony, hosted by my incredible sister (from a different mister) Kristen Graham. They are so magical and love filled - I know that sounds cliche, but really, they just are! 
And the location of our next circle in the hinterland (Wilsons Creek) is one of the most expansive and inspiring spaces I have ever hosted a circle in! You guys, you are going to love it! 
** We are running events in July and September- you can explore the locations here : https://violetgraydesign.com/product-category/events/


Where does the name Violet Gray come from? 
Violet Gray is my niece and she actually just turned 6! She has grown to be wild and strong and spirited, so I love that the brand also has that essence. 
I was living Spain when my sister Scarlet was pregnant in Australia and I made her a 'blessing bracelet' from the beads / jewels I had with me.  When I moved to Indonesia 18 months later and started making jewellery - it just felt like the right name  I was actually in the outdoor shower when it came to me (ha! Isn't this where / when a lot of inspiration comes in?) and I yelled out to my boyfriend. It was then it started. I birthed / launched the business via a Facebook page on the 4th of August 2012 and it has been a steady climb since then! 
You seem to have goodness oozing from every seam, you have an inspiring and creative business, intention circles, charity work with your blessed friend in India helping him secure his own Rickshaw and much more. We all love a bit of goodness to flow through our life, whats your advice to all who read this on how to attract and create this?
Ah! Yes - well the charity initiative isn't off the ground yet, but our new philanthropy concept will be soon! (It is on the list!) 
How to create and attract goodness? Live the life you want - don't live for 'when'... you know, when I have enough money, enough time, that qualification - begin to live it now! Start with visualisations - visualising yourself already living the type of life you want and then implement small elements, take small steps. 
I think also it is important to just be damn grateful for what you do have and the life you do lead - don't overlook the magic! 
Whats on the near horizon for you?  Any new adventures or products you want to share?
Gosh so much - I feel my fingers are in so many pies (or projects) at the moment that I am attempting to bring it all in and to have them land (or launch). I am off to Japan (business and pleasure), to India in the next month and I am busy expanding my sourcing and manufacturing locations. 
I am also working on birthing a whole new vision / direction - and if I can begin to work in alignment with this grand vision, it will be a huge feat! It sounds vague, only because the process is complicated - so maybe just keep watching this space... we are hatching. 

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