Introducing Maddie - the newest addition to the C + S family

Well hello,


From now on it seems this little piece of Cedar & Stone is now my baby to develop and nurture and I couldn’t be more excited. Hopefully I can encapsulate all things great that Cedar + Stone is about in a few hundred words or less each week. Bringing you all things from music to food, skin care to yoga flows, meditation to recycling, travel to cool people doing great things.


And who am I you ask? Well I am the newest addition to the C + S team Maddie, the marketing intern. I am 19 and am originally from a country town called Sale in Eastern Victoria close to the snow, sea & sand where I got to enjoy the 18 years of my childhood. But as all good things must come to an end (and after 18 years, sale was beginning to not seem so “good”) I moved to Melbourne to study. 2 years into my degree & living in Melbourne (which don’t get me wrong I do love) my itchy feet have gotten the best of me and I am off to live in Sweden for 6 months. However I think “live in Sweden” gives the wrong impression, I plan on living/seeing/doing many places in Scandinavia and Europe. So the C + S blog is about to go global, hopefully showing all you lovely people new places, new things & new perspectives.


A few other things about me:

-I am a foodie, oh such a foodie, so this blog is about to get a whole lot more pictures of smashed avo & the prettiest acai bowls one can imagine and even some yummy recipes for smoothies, treats & easy midweek meals.

-I may be somewhat addicted to peanut butter, it is my go to comfort food, by the spoon obviously….

-I am studying commerce majoring in accounting & marketing (a weird combination, but my brain is an analytical, number brain but then I also love a creative outlet where my mind can just run free)

-My favourite saying is “be at peace not in pieces” I remember doing an art piece with this on it a few years back and every year it just gets more and more relevant and I think it’s a good reminder to just step back, take a few breaths, reset and believe that sometimes things need to be put in perspective because we shouldn’t let a tiny thing shatter us into pieces.


Anyway, that’s probably all from me now. I would love if you read this to post a little comment about who you are, it can even just be where you are from and what your favourite food or book or activity is, I am writing for the people of C + S and I want to get to know you all!

Maddie xx




Woo go gal! Can’t wait for the weekly posts xxx

Ruby July 28, 2017

Great post Maddie! Looking forward to all the wonderful things you’ll share on this blog, Annonymous E x

Emma July 27, 2017

Welcome Maddie you legend!!! Beautiful pic ???

Keri July 27, 2017

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