The ever exciting life of business.

You never know whats coming your way.
That is our favourite thing about business. You can wake to an exciting email that can change the direction of business in an instant.
Here’s a little background on C + S.  A few years ago when C + S was about 3 months old Kate and Anna – the sister owners were ticking along at the Markets when one day they woke to an email from Urban Outfitters in USA, how did that happen?! Social Media and Hash-tagging!  This led to huge orders and a massive change in the ‘normal’ runnings of C+S.
If you don’t know who Urban Outfitters is I’ll give you a little run-down.  UO are a massive department store chain mostly in the USA – they target a college type of demographic – they have hundreds of stores. We went to their ‘office’ for a meeting in NYC July last year.  We arrived to a Campus – no joke it had countless warehouses with street signs, restaurants, mini supermarket, gym, dog park (yes they can take their dogs to work – in the office!) and their very own shipping dock.  If you can imagine tourists with name badges walking round with mouths wide open – that was us.  It blew our minds! It’s like a whole community, it’s like a university campus, for just one business.
With Urban Outfitters came a lot of exposure in the USA which led to C + S getting picked up by PacSun – another retail chain with hundreds of stores (over 600). This type of stuff feels like it happens every week, not the NYC trips and emails from massive stores but the emotions that run through you are is still the same whether it is a little win or a big win.  Excited, blown away, at times confused to how amazing life is, uncontrollable tears rolling down your face giggles, jumping up and down like a little kid when their birthday cake comes out, meeting amazing, inspirational humans.
To say that life with C + S is good, would be an understatement.
We realise the reason and how we get to these types of feelings – it’s because we work hard – it’s not ‘hard’ work at all (we don’t find it ‘hard’)  we LOVE what we do but you get the picture – most nights are midnighters,  weekends we work, theres no real hours of ‘work’ – we live and breathe it most of the time, I think thats what people would call finding your passion. We balance all those late nights out with great health, feeding our mind with positive surroundings, keeping ourselves stimulated with exciting upcoming adventures, spending time with our family and friends, definitely pushing outside our comfort zones, setting deadlines, running with our intuition ALWAYS, swimming in the ocean and appreciating our lives just as they are with no expectation of what it ‘should’ be.
Moral of this story – We LOVE what we do here at C + S and we hope that resonates in the products we produce for you all xxx
Thanks so much for your support!
The C + S Team x

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